In her novel White Oleander, Jane Fritch suggests that beauty is something to be used, "like a hammer or a key". Thats your assignment, Pisces. Find practical ways to make your beauty work for you. For example, invoke it to help you win friends and influence people. Put it into action to drum up new opportunities and hunt down provocative invitations. And don't tell me you possess insufficient beauty to accomplish these things. I guarantee you that you have more than enough. To understand why I'm so sure, you may have to shed some ugly definitions of beauty you've unconsciously absorbed from our warped culture. - Rob Brezsny of Free Will Astrology

Friday, November 23, 2012


Yes I am sharing the details of what is about to start for this site of mine. Filming and editing wasn't as easy as I thought it would be, but it doesn't mean you won't see the final product.

So here is a glimpse of whats been going on and yup I started right after Thanksgiving. I am so impatient.

While everybody was out and about experiencing some kind of Black Friday I just finished teaching two private yoga classes and worked on a video.

How you make the most of your time, make it productive, even if you decided to sleep, sleep well. I would have slept if I didn't have things I wanted to get done.


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