In her novel White Oleander, Jane Fritch suggests that beauty is something to be used, "like a hammer or a key". Thats your assignment, Pisces. Find practical ways to make your beauty work for you. For example, invoke it to help you win friends and influence people. Put it into action to drum up new opportunities and hunt down provocative invitations. And don't tell me you possess insufficient beauty to accomplish these things. I guarantee you that you have more than enough. To understand why I'm so sure, you may have to shed some ugly definitions of beauty you've unconsciously absorbed from our warped culture. - Rob Brezsny of Free Will Astrology

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Yoga Rx

I have only been teaching Yoga since January of this Year. No I cannot share with you the experience of a Yoga teacher who has practiced and taught more than 10 years, I will say though that I can share with you from the 19 years experience of a Bodyworker in San Antonio who advocates for the, "DO YOGA" mantra and all about the "Yoga is for every BODY" but Yoga isn't a one size fits all.
Clients I see who choose yoga come from a place of injury, recovering from an injury and starting out from any kind of activity.

All poses are the same regardless what STYLE you choose to practice with. What, you haven't experienced is that there are many styles of Yoga? Yup, everyone is an expert at it too! (just kidding, no I am not, yoga bitches everywhere). What makes doing yoga possible no matter where you are in your practice are the delivery and application of it I just hope you find a teacher who knows this.

Here is what I recommend if your coming from a place that you are just recovering and starting out.
Search for Introduction Series and gentle yoga. Your feeling a bit stronger from that, try a beginners class. Feeling stronger? Try an all levels class. What, you have been going strong for three days and you want to rest? Rest or take a class thats gentle.

Stare at a yellow light (proceed with caution). You feel that you know "Yoga is work", so it doesn't matter what class you take but you want to prevent injury, I am all about, "It matters what class I take."

There is nothing wrong with learning to be better than to be, "Dad, look what I can do!"


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