In her novel White Oleander, Jane Fritch suggests that beauty is something to be used, "like a hammer or a key". Thats your assignment, Pisces. Find practical ways to make your beauty work for you. For example, invoke it to help you win friends and influence people. Put it into action to drum up new opportunities and hunt down provocative invitations. And don't tell me you possess insufficient beauty to accomplish these things. I guarantee you that you have more than enough. To understand why I'm so sure, you may have to shed some ugly definitions of beauty you've unconsciously absorbed from our warped culture. - Rob Brezsny of Free Will Astrology

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Enjoy it. Because its happening.

It is almost as if today's workshop for a couple of the students was, the first day of the rest of their lives.

I teach not so much about learning to modify poses and align properly, its really about giving yourself permission that where you are is good, I mean really good. Like, warm Nuttella on toast, or empanada filled Nutella with a drizzle of raspberry jelly sauce..hmmmmm sooooo gooooood!

That good good!

The theme this whole week has been about existing. Not even just on the mat, but in our lives.

We stand there take our hands into a fist and raise it in the air, demanding that " I EXIST, HEAR ME RAOR, SEE ME!" Sadly somewhere along the line in that passion we lose it and decide, when it was time to stand, that we doubtedwho we were and morphed into something we can't even put a name on.

Exist! If not for you, for me. If not the person next to you, maybe the other person. If we have to borrow a reason other than ourselves for a little bit to exist, than so be it. Don't get too comfortable.  I don't want you to forget who you are. In the end, I am going to need you to come out and exist.

You exist, I exist.

Enjoy it, because its happening.

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